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Dog Shampoo bar with Neem Oil


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Dogs have a different PH from humans, so therefore need slightly differrent oil, this has added neem oil shampoo bar offers a range of benefits for dogs skin and hair, we have a German Shepherd and this is great for his luxurious coat .

100% natural. Hand made in Scotland ,Vegan

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Handmade dog shampoo bar with neem oil offers a range of benefits for dogs and their owners, including antifungal and antibacterial protection, moisturization for dry and itchy skin, repulsion of pests like fleas and ticks, gentle cleansing for all coat types, and a calming scent to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. Neem shampoo is an effective and gentle solution for maintaining a healthy skin and coat in dogs. Overall, handmade neem dog shampoo provides effective protection and moisturization for dogs, while also offering gentle cleansing and a calming and soothing effect for both dogs and their owners.

Weight 100 g


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